I've just tagged and released mitmproxy 0.4. You can download it from the new project website:


This is a huge update, with dozens of new features, and improvements to almost every aspect of the project. A few highlights are:

  • Complete serialization of HTTP/S conversations
  • On-the-fly generation of SSL interception certificates
  • Ability to replay both the client and the server side of HTTP/S conversations
  • mitmdump has grown up to be a powerful tcpdump-like commandline tool for HTTP/S
  • Scripting hooks for programmatic modification of traffic using Python
  • Many, many user interface improvements, bug fixes, and minor features
  • Better documentation.

Special thanks go to Henrik Nordström for many great contributions to this release. I'd love more contributors to join the project - if you feel like hacking on mitmproxy, take a look at the todo file at the top of the tree for ideas.

Over the next week I will write a series of tutorials to showcase mitmproxy's abilities, ranging from simple to quite complex. Keep an eye on the blog for these - they will be published here first, before making their way into the official documentation.