mitmproxy 0.6

I'm happy to announce the release of mitmproxy 0.6, featuring a redesigned scripting API, slew of major new features and a panoply of small bugfixes and improvements.


We now have an IRC channel and a mailing list - if you're interested in mitmproxy, come join us!

IRC: #mitmproxy on the OFTC IRC network (irc://

Mailing List:



  • New scripting API that allows much more flexible and fine-grained rewriting of traffic. See the docs for more info.
  • Support for gzip and deflate content encodings. A new "z" keybinding in mitmproxy to let us quickly encode and decode content, plus automatic decoding for the "pretty" view mode.
  • An event log, viewable with the "v" shortcut in mitmproxy, and the "-e" commandline argument in both mitmproxy and mitmdump.
  • Huge performance improvements both in the mitmproxy interface, and loading large numbers of flows from file.
  • A new "replace" convenience method for all flow objects, that does a universal regex-based string replacement.
  • Header management has been rewritten to maintain both case and order.
  • Improved stability for SSL interception.
  • Default expiry time on generated SSL certs has been dropped to avoid an OpenSSL overflow bug that caused certificates to expire in the distant past on some systems.
  • A "pretty" view mode for JSON and form submission data.
  • Expanded documentation and examples.
  • Many other small improvements and bugfixes.