mitmproxy 0.9.1

I'm happy to announce the release of mitmproxy 0.9.1. This is a bugfix release, with no significant changes in behaviour.

As hinted in my previous release note, the project itself is also evolving. As of this release, mitmproxy and its sister projects (pathod and netlib) are housed under a separate organization on Github, rather than my own personal space:

I'm also very happy to welcome the first external core developer to the mitmproxy projext: Maximilian Hils. Max is the author of HoneyProxy, a web analysis front-end for mitmproxy. In the next few months, he'll be working on integrating and expanding his work to become mitmproxy's official web interface. Max's efforts will be sponsored by Google under their Summer of Code program, and will be mentored by the HoneyNet Project.


  • Use "correct" case for Content-Type headers added by mitmproxy.
  • Make UTF environment detection more robust.
  • Improved MIME-type detection for viewers.
  • Always read files in binary mode (Windows compatibility fix).
  • Correct PyOpenSSL dependency declaration.
  • Some developer documentation.