I've just released v0.9.2 of both mitmproxy and pathod. This is a bugfix release, chiefly to address two crashing issues affecting mitmproxy when relaying SSL traffic. A range of other fixes and improvements are also included - if you use mitmproxy, you should upgrade.


  • Improvements to the mitmproxywrapper.py helper script for OSX.
  • Don't take minor version into account when checking for serialized file compatibility.
  • Fix a bug causing resource exhaustion under some circumstances for SSL connections.
  • Revamp the way we store interception certificates. We used to store these on disk, they're now in-memory. This fixes a race condition related to cert handling, and improves compatibility with Windows, where the rules governing permitted file names are weird, resulting in errors for some valid IDNA-encoded names.
  • Display transfer rates for responses in the flow list.
  • Many other small bugfixes and improvements.