mitmproxy and pathod 0.10


I've just released v0.10 of both mitmproxy and pathod. This is chiefly a bugfix release, with a few nice additional features to sweeten the pot.

Perhaps the most visible change has been a huge improvement in the recommended method for installing the mitmproxy certificates. Certs are now served straight from the web application hosted in mitmproxy, which means that in most cases cert installation is as simple as typing the mitmproxy URL into the devce driver. See the docs for more.

In other, minor news - I see that the mitmproxy project has just passed 2000 stars on GitHub. Between PyPi and the files we serve from, the project has also seen nearly 100k downloads in the last year (after removing obvious bots). I know, I know - figures like these don't mean much, but it's still nice to see that people are using and enjoying mitmproxy.