mitmproxy and pathod 0.11

I'm happy to announce that we've just released v0.11 of both mitmproxy and pathod. This release features a huge revamp of mitmproxy's internals and a long list of important features. Pathod has much improved SSL support and fuzzing.

Our thanks to the many testers and contributors that helped get this out the door. Please lodge bug reports and feature requests here.


  • Performance improvements for mitmproxy console
  • SOCKS5 proxy mode allows mitmproxy to act as a SOCKS5 proxy server
  • Data streaming for response bodies exceeding a threshold (
  • Ignore hosts or IP addresses, forwarding both HTTP and HTTPS traffic untouched
  • Finer-grained control of traffic replay, including options to ignore contents or parameters when matching flows (
  • Pass arguments to inline scripts
  • Configurable size limit on HTTP request and response bodies
  • Per-domain specification of interception certificates and keys (see --cert option)
  • Certificate forwarding, relaying upstream SSL certificates verbatim (see --cert-forward)
  • Search and highlighting for HTTP request and response bodies in mitmproxy console (
  • Transparent proxy support on Windows
  • Improved error messages and logging
  • Support for FreeBSD in transparent mode, using pf (
  • Content view mode for WBXML (
  • Better documentation, with a new section on proxy modes
  • Generic TCP proxy mode
  • Countless bugfixes and other small improvements


  • Hugely improved SSL support, including dynamic generation of certificates using the mitproxy cacert
  • pathoc -S dumps information on the remote SSL certificate chain
  • Big improvements to fuzzing, including random spec selection and memoization to avoid repeating randomly generated patterns
  • Reflected patterns, allowing you to embed a pathod server response specification in a pathoc request, resolving both on client side. This makes fuzzing proxies and other intermediate systems much better.