mitmproxy: release v0.15

We've just released mitmproxy 0.15. This is primarily a bugfix release, but with a few really juicy long-demanded features thrown in:

  • Support for loading and converting older dumpfile formats (0.13 and up)
  • Content views for inline script (@chrisczub)
  • Better handling of empty header values (Benjamin Lee/@bltb)
  • Fix a gnarly memory leak in mitmdump
  • A number of bugfixes and small improvements

Behind the scenes, there has been a bunch of other exciting developments. The effort to port mitmproxy and its underlying libraries to Python3 continues apace. Our automated build and testing infrastructure has improved hugely - we now have up-to-date binary snapshots built for each commit.

Thanks to all the contributors who helped get this release out the door, and, as usual, special thanks to my invaluable co-maintainer Max, who's been steering things while I've been kept busy with other things.