mitmproxy v0.18


We've just released mitmproxy v0.18! Since the last release, the project has had 1399 commits by 40 contributors, resulting in 217 closed issues and 305 closed PRs, all of this in just over 189 days.

This release is notable for a number of reasons.

First, it contains significant contributions from our three excellent GSOC students this year. Shadab Zafar worked on Python 3 compatibility and a number of aspects of mitmproxy's core. Clemens Brunner and Jason Hao made major improvements to mitmweb, the upcoming web-based interface to mitmproxy. We loved working with these guys, and hope that they will continue to hack on mitmproxy.

Second, the project has seen some significant internal reorganisation. Previously, we were split over three separate repositories (mitmproxy, netlib and pathod). Over time, the practical headaches of keeping everything synchronised started taking a toll, and we decided to amalgamate it all in a single repo. The most immediate external effect is that installing mitmproxy (through, say, "pip install mitmproxy") now gets you all of the associated tools and libraries, including pathod and pathoc.

Finally, 0.18 will be the last major version of mitmproxy compatible with Python 2. The next release will target Python 3.5 only, with all of the 2/3 compatibility cruft stripped out. This is not a decision we took lightly - we have a significant community of developers that have tools based on mitmproxy, and we realise this might be painful for some of them. We feel that being able to use the full features of Python 3.5 will make the transition worth it. If you have a library or tool based on mitmproxy, you should start planning for a conversion now. We'd be very happy to help you navigate the transition, so feel free to drop by the Slack channel to chat to the dev team.


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