Released: pathod 0.3


I've just released pathod 0.3, which beefs up pathoc's fuzzing capabilities, improves the spec language and includes lots of bugfixes and other small tweaks. Get it while it's hot!

Better fuzzing

A major focus of this release is to improve pathoc's capabilities as a basic fuzzing tool. I've had fun breaking webservers with pathoc, and it's even come in handy in my Day Job. Here's a quick summary of how things have changed.

Language improvements

get:/:u"My Weird User-Agent"

We also have a small library of representative User-Agent strings that can be used instead of specifying your own. For example, this specifies the GoogleBot User-Agent string:


The list of available shortcuts are in the docs, and can be listed from the commandline using the --show-uas flag to pathoc:

> ./pathoc --show-uas
User agent strings:
   a android
   l blackberry
   b bingbot
   c chrome
   f firefox
   g googlebot
   i ie9
   p ipad
   h iphone
   s safari</pre>