This is my 10 week old son playing with Uzu on the iPad like a tiny, mad concert pianist. Remarkably, this was the first time we saw him intentionally manipulating the external world with his hands. That was a week ago - since then it's like a switch has been flicked somewhere in his fuzzy little cranium, and now his previously aimless flailing has turned into a methodical tactile exploration of everything around him.

Watching this minor domestic miracle, it struck me that the iPad may well be the perfect computing device for small children. The multitouch interface couldn't be more simple and direct, and it works equally well for adult hands and tiny stubby fingers. All the complexity of the desktop-and-windows metaphor has been stripped away - the iPad does only one thing at a time, so when an app is running it becomes the device. The result is the clearest, most unmediated computing experience so far. It's also interesting to consider that what makes the iPad so great for children is also what makes it so great for adults.

As I've written before, I'm more than slightly terrified by just how good Apple's devices are.