Podcasts keep me from walking into lamp-posts - without high-quality, information-dense listening material I have to resort to reading books while walking. Below is my carefully collated list of concussion-prevention material - if you're a like-minded geek you're sure to find something you'd enjoy in here.

Radio National

Radio National is one of the best things to come out of Australia. Nearly every program on this station is worth listening to, and, better yet, almost everything they do is podcast.

  • Background Briefing Current affairs analysis program that focuses mostly on Australia.

  • Big Ideas Broadcasts various lecture series by prominent personalities.

  • By Design Design and visual arts program presented by the excellent Alan Saunders.

  • Late Night Live A really fantastic current affairs program, presented by an avuncular and only occasionally irritating national treasure called Phillip Adams.

  • National Interest Another program focusing on Australian current affairs. Excellent analysis, presented by one of the best interviewers in the Australian media.

  • Philosopher's Zone Another superb Alan Saunders program, this time focusing on philosophy.

  • Future Tense A new offering from Radio National, looking at cutting-edge issues. The jury is still out on whether this program will stay in my list.

  • Encounter Occasionally interesting religious issues program.

  • Counterpoint Superb program that tries to be the right-leaning antidote to the decidedly left-wing Late Night Live. Has a tendency to give airtime to border-line nutters, but always interesting.

Economics and Business


  • IT Conversations Sadly this feed includes Joel Spolsky's StackOverflow. I swear, Spolsky is the Oprah of software engineering - vapid, shallow, smugly self-satisfied, and with hordes of equally irritating fans. Ugh. Jon Udell and Phil Windley's interviews are always interesting, though, and make this feed very much worth while.

  • bsdtalk A nice little niche podcast focusing on the BSD community.

  • The Web 2.0 Show Web2.0 dev podcast with occasional interesting content.

  • Berkman Center for Internet and Society: Audio Fishbowl Very interesting lecture series and events podcasts.

  • Center for Internet and Society Another lecture series and events podcast, from Stanford's CIS.

History and Society


  • Material World Good science reporting from the BBC.

  • Nature Podcast Science from Nature Magazine. Interviews with scientists published in Nature.

  • Point of Inquiry Really great podcast from the Center for Inquiry, a skeptical and rationalist advocacy organistaion.