A couple of months ago I launched cryp.sr - a minimal, proof-of-concept host-proof application that was little more than a text area with some crypto bolted to the back of it (more detail here). In the first few days after launch, nearly 1500 pads were created, and from the logs it looks like at least a few dozen people still use cryp.sr regularly today. This left me scratching my head somewhat - cryp.sr had no features at all, and its only redeeming quality was extreme simplicity. What exactly were people storing in their cryp.sr pads? Well, we can safely assume they weren't writing novels in a browser text area. In fact, we can take a pretty solid guess that most cryp.sr pads contain lists - most likely lists of login credentials and todo lists.

So, I thought, why not make cryp.sr a kick-ass host-proof list manager? I could give it all the things I've always missed in the innumerable online todo-lists I've tried: nested lists, VI-like keybindings, multi-level undo, Markdown for formatting. And that's exactly what I've done. Please try out the new cryp.sr, and let me know what you think. Since I'm now actually trying to make an app that users will find pleasant to use, I'm especially interested in feature requests and usability problems.

The source for the cryp.sr browser client can be found here. Hashes for the main application and the data conversion app that migrates current users to the new data format will be published in the usual place - the @crypsr Twitter account.