Edit: Since this post, I've created an interactive tool for binary visualisation - see it at

Hover and click for more.

The images above are entropy visualizations of samples from a malware database - black is zero entropy, with colour ranging through blue, up to hot pink for maximum entropy. Large areas of very high entropy are usually sections that are packed - encrypted or obfuscated by the malware authors to make the malware hard to detect and reverse engineer. Smaller areas might be keys, passwords, or other chunks of data meant to be hidden from view.

When you hover over an image, you see a character class visualization with the following colors:

  Printable characters
  Everything else

Clicking will show you high-detail versions of both visualizations, and let you look up the binary hash to see what it is. I've used a square Hilbert curve layout - the files start in the top-left corner, and pass through the quadrants clockwise.

I spent hours looking through thousands these visualizations today. I find them eerie and rather beautiful - an entirely different perspective from my day-to-day interactions with malware.