Sortvis updates


There have been some improvements to sortvis!@) - my sorting algorithm visualisation project - in the last few months. Graphs are now more balanced, with an equal lead-in and lead-off at the edges. There have also been a swathe of algorithm contributions - thanks to Aaron Gallagher and Chris Wong (the image above is of Odd-even Sort, contributed by Aaron). As usual, you can find the code for all of this on github. I've updated the visualisation page on my blog with new graphs for all algorithms - go take a look here.

I plan to move sortvis and the collection of visualisations onto their own domain soon. I'm also thinking about making large wall-posters of the visualisations available. I plan to make some prints for myself, and I'm assuming that I'm not the only one geeky enough to want a sorting algorithm on my wall. Would anyone be interested?